Benefits of Access-Control Systems

Benefits of Access-Control Systems

There are many reasons why you would want to ensure you have effective security measures in place at your business or commercial site. There is a wide range of different systems you can use, depending on your requirements and budget. Access-control or door-entry systems are extremely cost-effective and very reliable.

A break-in at a commercial property can disrupt the running of a business for far longer than you might expect. Not only are you at risk of losing important equipment and files, but there’s also the additional mess and inconvenience to deal with. There are a number of security measures you can install, many of which will complement one another to provide a total security solution. As well as access control, you could choose CCTV systems, enhanced lighting and security guards. Access-control systems can work as a stand-alone measure or in conjunction with other features.

Control Across the Site

Commercial buildings can cover quite a wide area, and it can be hard to have full control over exactly who enters and exits the area. Access control at external and interior doors or at the steel security gates at the perimeter of the site allows you to monitor and restrict who is coming and going. The systems can be installed at a number of locations, with different settings depending on where employees require access to. For example, some employees might have access to the whole site, whereas others might have a lower security clearance that restricts their movements. These systems limit the possibility of unauthorised entry and can increase security around key and sensitive areas.

No Size Issues

Access-control systems work just as effectively for small businesses as they do for larger companies. They can also be easily adapted as the business grows, without the need to implement a whole new system. They are quick and simple to install, reducing the amount of disruption to the business. Once the control units have been fitted, they can start being used. This provides an instant solution to your security issues. You will just need to issue swipe cards to your employees or provide them with the code to operate the keypad units. When new employees join the company, they can be issued with the relevant card or code on their first day. If someone leaves the business, their card can be instantly taken off the system or the code changed.

Easy to Use

In order to have an effective security system, it needs to be easy for employees to use. It’s important that those with authorisation can quickly enter the relevant areas through the steel security gates or doors. The access-control systems are reliable and will open once the appropriate card has been swiped or code entered. If required, enhanced or temporary access can also be provided quickly and easily.

Security is a critical component of any business. Without the right measures in place, you are at risk of unauthorised entry during the day as well as at night.