Battling Against the Fence Shortage

Battling Against the Fence Shortage

As the UK counts the cost of the damage caused by this winter?s storms, the fencing industry is seeing an unprecedented demand for panels. This is leading to a shortage of products and an increase in prices. One alternative is to install a balcony on to your property, providing you with more outdoor space as well as a strong and durable structure.

High Demand for Fences

The past winter has seen a number of storms across the country which resulted in a large amount of damage to properties, particularly involving fence panels. This bad weather has meant that more fences than normal have needed replacing, which has increased demand for products. On top of this, there has been continued growth in the housing market, with house builders requiring more panels for new-build properties.

At this time of year, homeowners traditionally start looking at their gardens to see what needs repairing or replacing, but they?re finding problems when it comes to fence panels. Prices have increased substantially and many stores have simply sold out. Some suppliers have seen a 500% increase in orders. Where customers can get hold of fence panels, they are often considerably more expensive than they would usually expect to pay.

Benefits of a Balcony

If you?re looking for an alternative way of using your outdoor space, then installing a balcony could be the right solution. Iron balconies in particular are extremely durable options which are designed to last for many years. They will provide you with more usable outdoor space that can accommodate living and dining areas.

Iron can be used in a number of ways to create a range of styles and designs to complement your property. It is an extremely versatile material that can have a traditional or contemporary look, depending on your requirements. It can be turned into an elaborate railing design or something simpler if you prefer.

As well as being strong, durable and flexible, iron also offers other benefits for homeowners. It is great for using outdoors, as it?s resistant to rot and rust and isn?t affected by the weather extremes in the same way as other materials.

If you want to make the most of your garden and outdoor areas this summer, then now is the time to start making plans. Balconies can provide you with that extra space you desire within a low-maintenance and durable structure.