Balconies through the decades - How the balconies have developed and improved

Balconies through the decades - How the balconies have developed and improved

Balconies through the decades – How the balconies have developed and improved and different style of glass i.e infinity glass to vertical bar balustrade:


As technology advances and manufacturing methods evolve, the designs and methods of making balconies have also changed. Balconies have long been a sign of a person's wealth and culture, displaying the identity of their owners. Balconies were traditionally built for purely functional reasons, primarily to provide extra light and air in heavy stone buildings. The concept of balconies can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece. Their primary function was to provide relief from the heat and to increase ventilation within their homes.

The first types of balconies in the United Kingdom can be traced back to the late Georgian period and were designed exclusively for luxury homes to enhance their appearance. During the Georgian era, homeowners preferred Juliet balconies for their homes. The Juliet balcony is a type which is used to protect openings and large windows, giving the appearance of a full balcony. As we move towards the end of the Georgian period and enter the Regency period, we see an increase in the use of low-cost cast-iron balustrades. What was once seen as an indication of luxury is now a staple in many of the town's homes.

The popularity of cast iron balustrades only grew during the Victorian era, as ironwork and the technologies surrounding ironwork were constantly improved. They also drew heavily on European inspiration when implementing their designs and incorporating them into luxurious Victorian homes. This was the time where architects really began to experiment in their work. Victorians took a lot of pride of their homes and were always looking to hop on the next big trend.

We've moved away from the once-traditional Juliet balconies and toward a more modern look and feel. This includes the Infinity Glass balcony, which helps to blur the line between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Another popular type of balcony is the Cantilevered balcony, which protrudes from the building and has no visible supports, giving it a more visually appealing appearance. Stacked balconies are a popular choice for flats and apartments, where vertical pillars support the structure of these types of balconies.