Balconies Add That Something Extra

Balconies Add That Something Extra

Balconies Add That Something Extra

More people are choosing to build their own properties, allowing them to design it to their exact specifications. If you're looking to add something a bit different to your property, it's worth considering a balcony.

Following inspiration from popular television programmes, there has been a growing demand for self-build properties. There are lots of ways that you can create a unique look and feel to your property, including building a balcony. This can be used as an additional room, suitable for dining, entertaining and relaxing.

Getting Your Balcony Right

Balconies shouldn't just be added without any thought. They need to be positioned correctly and you should ensure the style fits with the rest of the building. If you choose a bespoke balcony that's designed precisely for your property, such as one you get from steel fabricators, you'll have more control over the style and size. The only limits are your budget and imagination.

Balconies work well over bay windows or flat roofs and often lead straight from a master bedroom or upstairs living area. It's important to take into consideration the views from the property when deciding where best to position the balcony. With a south-facing balcony you'll make the most of the sunlight, but this isn't essential.

You need to think about the size of the balcony, especially in relation to what it's likely to be used for. You don't want it to look out of place on the property, but it also needs to be big enough to actually use. Often they're too small and simply aren't practical.

Building a balcony as part of the overall construction process provides you with more choices. You can opt for a cantilevered structure rather than one supported on legs, which is actually fitted into the floor structure. This provides a more integrated approach which won't look as though it's an afterthought.

It's important when building a balcony that you draw light into the property without restricting the amount of natural light downstairs. If you're unsure of how best to proceed, it might be worthwhile engaging the services of an architect. They can work with you to decide on the best style and positioning for the balcony.

Remember that you don't need brilliant weather to make the most of a balcony. There are plenty of opportunities across the year to enjoy the great British outdoors