Add Your Personality to a New-Build

Add Your Personality to a New-Build

New-build properties can be an ideal choice, especially for first-time buyers, and developers often have some fantastic incentives available. However, when you move into your new home, it can appear a little soulless and look exactly the same as all the other properties on the street.

If you want to overcome this, here are some great tips on how you can inject some personality into a new-build.

Mix It Up

Even if the house is brand new, all your furniture and accessories don't have to be, and combining some old favourites with your new purchases can create more interest in the room and make it feel more homely. If you have a young family, using second-hand pieces means it doesn't matter if they get slightly damaged.

Add Different Doors

Often homeowners in new-builds don't change any of the features, as everything is already new, but by replacing the standard doors with something more usual, you could give it a whole new look. For example, adding contemporary glass doors that lead out on to your iron balcony will open up a living space.

Get Your Paint Brush Out

One of the problems with new properties is that everything is kept very neutral, which can make all the houses feel the same. It doesn't take much to give your home a bit more personality, and simply adding some colour to the woodwork will help yours to stand out. Grey is a good shade to choose, as it works well with most colour schemes and adds a stylish touch.

Go Darker

If you want to create a bold feature in your home, try painting a darker colour on the walls. This works particularly well for bedrooms, as it has a relaxing and cosy vibe. You can even make more of this feature by including darker furniture as well to create a timeless style that adds depth to the room.

Be Creative with Windows

The choice of UPVC windows in new-builds is not always the most aesthetically pleasing of styles, though it is a cost-effective option, and revamping them will give your property a distinctive feature. For instance, you could add shutters to create a stylish finish or use a sheer fabric on French doors that lead out on to an iron balcony so the room is not closed off from the outside. The possibilities are almost endless.