Achieve the Feel of a Conservatory Without the Building Work

Achieve the Feel of a Conservatory Without the Building Work

Home-buyers often see a conservatory as a good way to extend their property and bring some of that outdoor feel inside, but it's not always possible or desirable to undergo all that building work. There is a significant cost of building and up-keep, and in a conservatory it can be hard to regulate the temperature - leading to them being too cold or too hot.

However, if you want to get some of the benefits without having to actually build a conservatory, here are some fantastic tips.

Create a Cosy Nook

If you had an area in mind for a conservatory, you can use creeping plants and foliage to give yourself a cosy area of the garden that feels enclosed but at the same time has a lot of open space. By picking an evergreen variety, you should get some good use from the space.

Install Skylights

Skylights are a great way of bringing more natural light into the room and opening up the space. If you design the windows well, you can achieve the feel of a conservatory, especially if you have double doors that lead out on to the garden or a steel balcony. To prevent the room getting too hot in the summer, you can fit electric blinds, which are easy to open and close.

Use a Pergola

One way to gain an outdoor room without the cost or commitment of a conservatory is to have a pergola fitted above a decking or patio area. If you have a sheltered spot that's protected from the wind, it's an ideal area for entertaining or relaxing on a summer evening. You can jazz up the room with some fairy lights or bunting strung from the pergola, and this will give it an inviting feel.

Have Large Garden Doors

Opening up double doors that give you access to the garden, courtyard or steel balcony instantly makes the room lighter and more welcoming. With the air and fresh breeze coming through, it will have the atmosphere of a conservatory and give you more of a connection with your outside space.

Give the Walls an Outside Look

Opting for bare brick walls or faux-brick wallpaper will give it the look of exterior walls, such as those you might find in a conservatory. It will also create a feature in the room and can easily be decorated with bold pieces of artwork or plants to give it a contemporary finish.