A Feature Staircase Adds to Your Retail Design

A Feature Staircase Adds to Your Retail Design

The retail sector is all about standing out from your competition and attracting as many customers as possible. This starts with having the right interior design, as everything from the colour scheme you choose to how the store is laid out can affect the overall environment. One of the design elements that's important when developing a store is the staircase. The style that you choose can add to the design concept and create a feature that shoppers talk about.

Why Is a Staircase Important?

Whatever type of staircase you choose for your retail outlet, it can help to provide a focal point. It's helpful to select a style that works with the overall look and feel of your store.

For example, glass staircases would provide a stunning feature in a contemporary shopping centre or in the middle of a technology-based store. A curved spiral staircase gives an elegant appearance and provides the feeling of luxury. If you want to achieve a simple, classic finish, then a wooden staircase design would work well.

Creating the Wow Factor

There are certainly some brands that have got the design of their stores spot on. They've included a feature staircase that really adds a wow factor and is almost as impressive as the products they're actually selling.

This includes the flagship Apple Store in London's Covent Garden. The outlet features two glass staircases, including a single-storey spiral staircase and a set of straight stairs covering two storeys. These are both bold structures that have been designed to contrast starkly with the historic nature of the building.

Practical Benefits of Stairs

When retailers are designing new stores, often they gloss over the need to add in stairs, especially if space is fairly tight. Instead, they will consider the benefits of lifts, which meet access requirements, and have a fire escape tucked away in the back. However, a feature staircase can be practical as well as add to the beauty of the store.

Installing a central spiral or straight set of stairs that's towards the front of the store will open up the space for customers. It enables them to see exactly what's available and makes them more likely to explore the upper floors. With only a lift to access the other floors, customers can often forget that they're there, reducing the number of products that they see.

As well as needing to satisfy access requirements for people with mobility issues, stores also need a method of escape during a fire or other emergency. Lifts are clearly inappropriate in this instance, but a staircase can still be used in these circumstances. This opens up their use and makes them a more practical solution.

Image is the most important element within the retail sector. You only get one opportunity to make the right first impression, so you need to take the time to get this right. By attracting customers and making them want to stay in your store, you're more likely to increase sales.