A Balcony the Top Luxury Amongst Homeowners

A Balcony the Top Luxury Amongst Homeowners

New research has found that the top luxury property owners would want if they were building their dream home is a balcony.

The survey also highlighted that a large amount of outdoor space is an important element for homeowners, especially if money is no object, which shows that more of us are putting a greater emphasis on our garden space.

This might come as a bit of a surprise considering the temperamental British weather, but when it is warm and sunny often the first thing British people like to do is to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Extra Outdoor Space

The survey, which was conducted for the online estate agent Tepilo, found that 43% of homeowners would want extra space outside, such as a steel custom built balcony, if they were designing their perfect home.

The only elements that came higher in the research were en-suite facilities in all the bedrooms (48%) and installing walk-in wardrobes (45%). This highlights how much we enjoy our gardens, even if we can't always get out in them because of the weather.

Other luxuries that came in the top ten were a relaxation room (39%), library (35%), gym (32%) and cinema (29%). Technology was also seen as an important element of a dream home, and 38% of respondents would fit high-security features to protect their property.

The results of the poll found that for 14% of people their dream home is a country cottage, with almost 30% wanting four bedrooms, and 45% of property owners would love to have a custom built home. However, even if they didn't have a budget to stick to, 52% of those who took part in the research wouldn't want their new home to cost over £3 million.

Benefits of Balconies

Balconies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for property owners who are looking to increase their space but don't always want to have a larger garden. They provide a low-maintenance solution that can have a variety of uses. And with the addition of lighting and a heat source, balconies don't have to be reserved for the summer months.

By choosing a steel custom built balcony, you can have the exact style and size that meets your requirements and complements your property. The steel can be combined with other materials, such as glass and timber, to create a unique design that enhances the look and value of your property.