A Balcony Can Increase Your Living Space

A Balcony Can Increase Your Living Space

As a new report finds that the size of Britain?s homes is shrinking, what can you do to increase the overall size of your property? In some circumstances, basement and loft conversions are a possibility, but there?s also the option to go outwards and install a balcony.

The report, which was commissioned by Ikea, showed that many people in this country are now living in homes that are considerably smaller than the average. An average property now measures 85m2, which would provide a home owner with a decent amount of living space. However, the data shows that one fifth of us live in a home that is only 30m2, which drastically reduces the amount of space available.

This lack of space is probably one of the contributing factors to home owners moving properties, as they attempt to find more. One third of people who took part in the survey had moved house twice over the past three years. However, instead of moving house constantly to find what you need, you can also make what you already have work better for you.

Adding a Balcony

Installing a balcony isn?t possible on every property, but if you have a house where it is achievable, then it can definitely benefit you and your home. It can provide a smaller home with much-needed space that can be used for a wide range of purposes. As well as increasing the space you have, balconies provide other benefits such as excellent views from both inside and outside.

Balconies are not all the same and they can be designed to fit in with the style of property and your requirements. You can create a unique look by choosing the right type of railings and balustrades for you. There?s the option of wrought iron balcony railings, which can be created into a number of different designs, from the simple to the more elaborate. If you want to enhance your views from the property even more, you can have safety glass fitted for the balustrades. This will give you almost uninterrupted views across the landscape.

Whatever you end up using your balcony for, it?s a great choice for smaller homes that are lacking in internal or external space. You?ll find that you won?t just use it in the warmer months ? with some clever additions such as patio heaters, balconies can be beneficial in the winter too.